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Whether you want to start your own business to build a successful multi-national company or simply to take control of your life by choosing where and when you work, the potential rewards can be great.

Even with the knowledge that you can benefit fully from your own efforts by running your own business, making the decision to become an owner driver can still be a very difficult one.

The reality is that it can be tough to get your new business off the ground, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Scania Financial Services can offer a step-by-step process which will help you make that transition from being a driver to owner-driver and business owner.

By choosing a truck from Haydock Commercial Vehicles Ltd, we can help support you with the following:

1.  Financing your truck when purchasing one, includes; options on how you want to repay

2.  Insuring your truck, includes: personal, public liability, legal expenses, motor insurance, goods in transit

3.  Optimising your vehicle, includes: driver training to monitoring reports to give you the best out of your vehicle

4.  Training, includes: driver training and driver CPC training

EMAIL me for further information and a downloadable PDF.