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All Scania's operations, which include its production lines in multiple countries and its market operations across the globe, are putting in place plans to support sustainability initiatives in their own unique way.

For us, at Haydock Comercial Vehicles Limited, this includes our operations at all of our 6 locations (Warrington, Preston, Ellesmere Port, Widnes, Deeside and Lea Green our Vehicle Management Unit).

From the 13th November we held 12 workshops, over all our sites, were we asked our staff to contribute ideas on how we can achieve greater levels of sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

The Sustainability workshops focused on three key objectives, Society, the Environment and the Economy.

All our ideas have been consolidated into our Sustainability Plan which details how we will move forward locally to deliver and support Scania's global Sustainability initiative in our own unique way. 

Please see our facebook link, if you wish to comment or participate in this initiative.